About us

Travel Explorer is an innovative company which specialises in providing the very best standard of tour to our clients at very affordable prices.

Ireland is a really great country to explore, positioned as we are on the very eastern edge of the mighty Atlantic Ocean. This unique geographic position on the receiving end of the Gulf Stream is what confers on us our moderate climate. At 53 degrees north of the Equator, we have many winters without snow. Our summer temperatures are pleasant rather rather than very hot.Our midsummer daylight range is phenomenal, with some daylight still in the sky at 11 pm!

Here on this beautiful island we have a low population density and a genuinely warm sense of community. Ireland is famous for the warmth of its people, always ready with the famed “Cead mile failte” (translated as “One hundred thousand welcomes”) and we have become notably more cosmopolitan in the last 30 years. Our standard of food and beverage is World Class, and therefore we are also known as “the food island”.

We specialise in showcasing Ireland to all of our guests. Our team of lively and enthusiastic tour guides (headed by Niall O’Neill) are all Irish born people who know Ireland thoroughly. They are all badged guides, qualified and trained by Failte Ireland (Ireland’s incoming tourism board) and they operate to the highest standards. They know the history, heritage and folklore of Ireland and they are eager to share their personal and in-depth knowledge of this unique little country with you. We are specifically committed to sharing the real authentic Ireland with you. There is a lot of fascinating culture attached to the “real” Ireland which is indeed very engaging. This is what we present to you with our laid-back style of humour.

Our primary aim is to help our clients to engage with the real Ireland and to genuinely enjoy the experience of all that Ireland has to offer. Our tours extend to all corners of Ireland. We help you to extract the most from the Cliffs of Moher on the Atlantic coast, the Giant’s Causeway on the north coast, the magnificent Wicklow Hills (Ireland’s Hollywood) in the east, Cork & Kilkenny in the south and south-east and other destinations as well. We want to take you there and we want you to have an unforgettable experience.